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OCAT Xi’an Conversations | Talk Show About Art Show

2021.05.30 (Sunday) closed

OCAT Xi’an Conversations

Talk Show About Art Show

When: May 30, 2021, 15:30-17:00

Address: Feng River East Road, Xixian Fengdong Cultural Center

B1 Multimedia Hall (under OCAT Xi’an)

Guests: Yang Xi, Shi Jing, Yan Zhou, Lu Chuan

Participant: 50 people (RSVP)

Fee: Free

Language: Mandarin

Spring exhibition ‘Shadow Lover’ was closed on May 30th, at the end of this exhibition, we
chose Yang Xi as the organizer, using this exhibition as an opening, and invited three practitioner
and researcher from contemporary art world to share their thoughts and understandings about
exhibition in a talk show kind of way. These three guests were artist Yan Zhou, graphic designer Shi
Jing and art history researcher and professor Lu Chuan.

Drawing from their own experiences and various backgrounds, each of them gave a brief but
essential speech to state their thoughts about the art exhibitions in a witty and lighthearted way.
We look forward to present this new way to connect better with our audience. We hope the conversations
about art exhibitions could be more youthful, down to earth and chill.


Talk Show Schedule

Yang Xi | 15:30-15:45

Shi Jing | 15:45-16:05

  “Graphic Design in Art Gallery”

Yan Zhou | 16:05-16:25

  “Disguised Replacement of a Place”

Lu Chuan | 16:25-16:45

  “‘Present’ in Art History”

Q&A | 16:45-17:00


About the Guests

Yang Xi, an independent curator, writer, and art history researcher based in Xi'an. He graduated
from the art history department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts with master degree in 2015. He is
currently working on a ph.D in visual culture and art criticism at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts.

Shi Jing, graphic designer, a staff of Media Public Education department at OCAT Xi'an since
2016. Now lives and works in Xi'an.

Yan Zhou, artist, through photography, video, writing and various media, he explores and observes
the dialogue between the contemporary culture and practicing artists. Now lives and works in

Lu Chuan, art history professor of Xi'an Academy of Fine Art with a focus on modern art and
design history as well as theory.