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OCAT Museum as Classroom | Photography Workshop II

2021.05.15 (Saturday) closed

OCAT Museum as Classroom

"Photography Workshop - II"

Medium/large Format Photography Experience

Time: May 15th 2021, 14:00 - 17:00
Location: OCAT Xi'an
Instructor : Su Sheng
Participant : 15 people (RSVP)
Age Group: No limit (Each participant could bring one companion as the model)
Fee: 99 RMB 

“The Space Between Us: Alec Soth” is currently exhibiting at OCAT Xi’an, Soth gathers each individual images at the exhibit hall with a large format camera and creates a new balanced world. The distinctive characteristics of his images invite the viewers into a lonesome, wistful and meditative state.

“ I fell in love with the process of taking pictures, with wondering around finding things.
To me it feels like a kind of performance. The picture is a document of that performance”
                                                                                    -- Alec Soth

  Large format camera captures the fine details that aren’t always obvious to our eyes;thus, has a unique visual impact. It also helps us to focus less on the immediate result, but really settle down to the experience of observing through a camera. Due to the positive feedback we got from our first photography workshop, we are honored to present a second one with no age limitation on May 15. Let’s find out how a photograph is made through the using of a large format camera.

Part I

Mirror and Window: The History of Photography

A Lecture about Photography

  • A brief introduction of the history of photography.
  • An introduction about how Alec Soth utilize a large format camera to create the work for the exhibition,‘the space between us’. Through the interpretation of the classical photography pieces, we invite the participants to examine how photographs reflect our daily life and feelings.
Part II

Getting to Know About the Medium/large Format Camera

What Is a Large Format Camera?

The most distinctive characteristic of a large format camera is that the photo sensitizing medium (the negative) is separate as each individual leaves. The most common formats are: 8 * 10 and 4*5 inches. Furthermore, most large format cameras have fixed focal length lenses; their optical axis and focal plane are adjustable within a certain range. The images produced by large format cameras are bigger and clearer. They have a warm temperament, subtle yet abundant tonal range and highly saturated and authentic color. In all, the sharpness, fine grain, tonal range and quality of a large format negative is something that the a small or medium format negative could not compare.

  • Getting to know the characteristic and the development of large format cameras throughout the history
  • Learning about the distinctiveness of large format cameras and the operation
Part III

The Shooting Experience of a Medium/large Format Camera

Take a Portrait of your Parents or a Friend

  • Produce a picture in a traditional way as if we live in the film photography era. Through the communications between the photographer and the model, the framing, light metering and exposure, let the participants fully experience the whole procedure of making a photograph.
  • We will be divided into two groups while working simultaneously, one group for Mamiya RZ67 +peel-apart instant film, one group for Chamonix 4*5 + black and white negative.
  • Each participant will receive a peel-apart instant film and a 4*5 black and white negative.