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The Texture of Expression

2022.07.05 - 10.23 closes in 2 months

2022 · Summer Exhibition

The Texture of Expression

Artists: Ou Ming, Wang Zhiyuan, Yin Changzhi, 

Yang Guangnan, Yao Hai, Miranda Fengyuan Zhang

Exhibition Dates: July 5th to October 23rd, 2022

Address: Xixian Fengdong Cultural Center, Feng River East Road, Xi’an


The question “what is art?” has long been asked and explored by successive generations of artists. So, when artists ask “what is art?”, they are interested in new forms and practices that have not yet been explored; in other possibilities that they can draw upon to expand and enrich what we think of when we think about what art is. Six artists, Ou Ming, Wang Zhiyuan, Yin Changzhi, Yang Guangnan, Yao Hai and Miranda Fengyuan Zhang, were invited to participate in the exhibition, and about 40 pieces of sculptures, paintings and other different types of works were displayed. 

They were not only for the different types of materials they use and the forms they produce, but for the novel ways of expressing ideas and sensations they each explore. 

Ou Ming has been working solely with the medium of plaster to create sculptural forms that come as close as possible to capturing a sense of the essence of life, his works are sculpture that breathes. 

Wang Zhiyuan's works are based on a direct interaction between the artist and the material, the tool and the body, he finds means to evolve his language process in general, and to develop each work individually. 

Yin Changzhi takes the conventions of painting, from its frame, to the surface plane and the pictorial space used to structure compositions to rethink painting practice. The artworks he creates exist between painting and bas relief sculpture. 

Yang Guangnan’s art is structural, and built upon disparity. Her process reflects how the process of making art according to a purposeful questioning of its basic functions gives renewed understanding of art and life. 

Yao Hai uses a variety of methods such as poured pigment, collage and sewing to achieve sculptural forms. These material languages intersect in his ongoing creations, opening up more dimensions of visual experience in space, colour and form. 

Miranda Fengyuan Zhang’s textile works thread together evocative shapes and colours that project a labyrinth of feelings, memories, and imagining. The innate softness-meets-tensile strength of the works conjures simple yet powerful feelings of individual life and its complex relationships, of human connections and moods.

Art was ever an arrangement of colour, texture and shapes conceived to approximate a sense of space, of form, and of light, natural, real or imagined. In "The Texture of Expression", raw materials are the substance of objects as well as of the artworks’ content; materials used to structure a picture that is every bit as intriguing as a conventional painting, at times more direct as it speaks to the sense to unusual, surprisingly emotional effect, and what it is we anticipate that art touches within us. 


The exhibition runs from July 5th to October 23rd, 2022. Stay tuned !


About the Artists

Ou Ming was born in Hubei in 1983, he graduated from Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with MFA in 2013. Now works and lives in Shanghai.

Wang Zhiyuan graduated from China Academy of Art with BFA in 2013, and San Francisco Art Institute with MFA in 2015.

Yin Changzhi was born in Dongzhi, Anhui in 1984, he graduated from Fine Art Institute of AnHui Normal University with BFA in 2005, and China Academy of Art with MFA in 2009. Now works and lives in Wuhu, Anhui.

Yang Guangnan was born in Hebei in 1980, she graduated from Sculpture Department of the China Academy of Artwith BFA in 2006, and Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with MFA in 2009. Now works and lives in Beijing.

Yao Hai was born in Zhangye, Gansu in 1980, he moved to Hong Kong and New York in 2009 and 2014 respectively, now works and lives in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Miranda Fengyuan Zhang was born in Shanghai in 1993. In 2016, she graduated from New York University with a BFA in Studio Art. Lives and works in New York, USA.

The Exhibition Works

Aesch No.3

64 x 40 x 40 cm,ceramics, plaster, color paste , 2020

© Ou Ming

A Whisper that Screams 

200 x 200 cm, acrylic, charcoal, spray paint on canvas, 2020

©Wang Zhiyuan

Uncertain Background

110 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2018

©Yin Changzhi

Window_Sky of Monet's Garden 202110 (detail)

119 x 119 x 5 cm,  resin, oil based pigments, wood, acrylic, 2021

© Yang Guangnan

2022 - Free #1(back)

117.5 x 83 cm, paper, acrylic, cord, 2021

©Yao Hai

2022 - Free #1(front)

117.5 x 83 cm, paper, acrylic, cord, 2021

©Yao Hai

A Night in the Desert

152.5 x 107 cm, wool on wood, 2020

©Miranda Fengyuan Zhang, courtesy the artist and Capsule Shanghai