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Zhang Yaqian

1977.05, Gansu province, China

Now work in

Xi'an, China

Zhang Yaqian was born in May 1977 in Gansu Province. He currently lives and works in Xi’an. In 2009, he graduated with a master’s degree from the Department of Print-making, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Thereafter, he was retained on the faculty, and is currently teaching in the Department of Experimental Art. He is also a doctoral candidate in the research of art history and artistic creation, mainly engaged in the teaching and practice of contemporary art.

In 2016, Zhang Yaqian's works were exhibited in "800" at OCAT Xi'an.
In 2018, Zhang Yaqian's works were exhibited in "Mapping the City: A Vision of History and Xi'an" at OCAT Xi'an.
In 2021, Zhang Yaqian's works were exhibited in "Songs of a Futile Journey: Silk Road Songbook Songmingyan" at OCAT Xi'an.

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Silk Road Songbook (referred to as SRS) The Silk Road Songbook project challenges stereotypes about Oriental exoticism and traditional tourism by incorporating songs into the diverse landscapes of Eurasian countries along the Silk Road.The project is the focus of a chapter on Northwest China in the ongoing Silk Road Songbook project. Through innovation in sound, image and form, participants from different backgrounds and regions are reconnected under the concept of the “New Silk Road”.

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