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Wang Mengmeng


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, China

Curator Wang Mengmeng is a professor, and director of Public Art Department, at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. She holds a Doctorate in contemporary art criticism, and has published several books, writing articles for New Art, Art Research, Art Observation, Pictorial, Contemporary Artists, and so on. She is also a nominator for China's "Second Circle Art Youth Award", "Fourth Ivy League Plan", "Rising New Stars", and other exhibitions concerning young artists. As an independent curator, she has planned exhibitions at the National Art Museum in Beijing, the Waterfront Gallery, Salt Spring Island, UK, and The Minories Galleries, Colchester, UK; at OCAT Xi'an, Xi'an Museum of Art, Xi'an Museum of Contemporary Art, Cui Zhenkuan Museum of Art, Xi'an, among others. She is currently engaged in teaching, as well as curatorial work in the field of contemporary art.

In 2019, Wang Mengmeng is the curator of the OCAT Xi'an exhibition"A Thousand Rainbows".

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Xiong Wenyun: "A Thousand Rainbows"

2019.08.17 - 09.27 closed

This summer OCAT Xi'an is honored to present Xiong Wenyun's solo exhibition. "A Thousand Rainbows" takes a retrospective look at the artists' case studies and is organized by Xi'an-based curator Wang Mengmeng. Following the closure of the OCAT site in Xi'an, the exhibition will take place in Shenzhen in C2 Space, North District, OCT-LOFT.

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Songs of a Futile Journey: Silk Road Songbook Songmingyan

2021.12.11 - 2022.05.22 closes tomorrow

Silk Road Songbook (referred to as SRS) The Silk Road Songbook project challenges stereotypes about Oriental exoticism and traditional tourism by incorporating songs into the diverse landscapes of Eurasian countries along the Silk Road.The project is the focus of a chapter on Northwest China in the ongoing Silk Road Songbook project. Through innovation in sound, image and form, participants from different backgrounds and regions are reconnected under the concept of the “New Silk Road”.

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